Intraday Tips for Today

What is Intraday Trading?

Buying and selling of stock is known as stock trading. But if you buy and sell the stock in same day then it is known as intraday trading. While, trading in intraday, investors need to take a decision with a lot of precautions. They may experience a huge loss with just one wrong decision. Traders must apply strict stop loss and profit target. There are several strategies and technical indicators with the help of which technical analysts can generate the accurate Intraday Tips for Today. Experienced traders can generate accurate tips on their own, but beginners are advised to take the help of experts and technical analyst to gain maximum profit.

However, stock trading is a vast subject that no one can understand easily. The Unpredictable and dynamic market is known as Volatile Market. The volatility is an arithmetic measure of the market's tendency to rise or fall very quickly in a short span of time. The volatility of the market is evaluated arithmetically by the standard deviation of the profit gained from the investment. The standard deviation is fundamentally a concept of statistics.

Volatile market is determined by large price variation and intense trading. In a volatile market, the traders are given orders to trade in one single direction after a result of imbalance of trade. There are many factors, which are responsible for the volatility in the market of stocks and commodity. Some of the reasons causing volatility are release of economic factors, company news and suggestions from analysts. Volatility is necessary for traders to get profit. Sluggish market is not beneficial for any one in any way. Traders need volatility but with hint. You can get here the Intraday Tips for Today.

What are the advantages of investing in Intraday Trading?
  • No overnight risk
  • Day traders can make profit in any direction
  • Increased Leverage more buying power
  • High Returns
  • Low brokerage commission
  • You are in cash at the beginning and end of day
  • Day trading gives you more opportunities
  • Intraday trading gives you more opportunity to learn, test and apply various trading techniques
What are the disadvantages of investing in Intraday Trading?
  • Risk of substantial losses
  • Significant start-up and ongoing costs
  • No consistent pay
  • High stress and risk of burnout

Why I must invest in Intraday Trading?

One of the biggest lure of day trading is the potential for spectacular profits. However, this may only be a possibility for the rare individual who possesses all the traits like decisiveness, discipline and diligence, which are required to become a successful day trader.

Beside this factor, you are your own boss. The entire day traders work alone, independent from the whims of corporate bigwigs. The day traders are free to have a flexible working schedule. They can take time off whenever needed and work at their own speed unlike someone on the corporate treadmill.