Free Trading Tips

What is stock trading?

One of the questions which every investor has is how to make money without losing the investment or capital and how to manage risk. A very common question as far as share market is concerned. As everyone knows that the share market is volatile and there is no guarantee that investor will make only profit/gains in his trades. Thus, you need to take help of advisory firms in order to generate accurate and free trading tips.

What are the advantages of investing in stock trading?

There are plenty of advantages that cannot be penned down in few lines.

What are the disadvantages of investing in stock trading?

Share markets are volatile in nature. They swing in both the directions. That is, they are highly unpredictable and uncertain. Sometimes the swing is very dramatic and sharp. One of the disadvantages of trading is seen when you follow your friends and family members. It is often seen that people purchase shares just because some friend or relative purchased it or have recommended it, that these stocks will give high returns because the company is coming out with extraordinary new or innovative product that will sweep the market. Even though this news may be true but it is not necessarily it is a next big thing, and you accumulate the shares in huge quantity.

Even you can see commercial TV channels beaming views expressed by share consultants that have recommended to buy/sell of a particular company. It may turn out that they are paid to break such a news so that prices rise / fall. And once you buy /sell share prices will fall/rise. A point here is you are not the only one watching that particular channel. There are thousands out there viewing the same channel as yours. They are nothing more than speculative talks.

Why I must invest in stock trading?

You must invest in stock market because it swings in both the directions, thus you can earn by buying as well as by selling a stock. When you buy shares and they appreciate swiftly in a short period of time. It will be a wise decision to book profit and move ahead. One can again purchase when prices fall. After your sell and the shares still move north, you can comfort yourself that you have not gone broke by booking profit. Other opportunities are always open.