Free Intraday Trading Tips

What is intraday trading?

The intraday trading means trading in the day or day trading. The intraday trading is one of the most excellent trading strategies in the stock market, which helps day traders to make money in share market of India. There are the lots of benefits of intraday trading, which helps a day trader to lead a successful life. Due to the numerous benefits of intraday trading, a number of people are doing day trading. For intraday trading, more youngsters are eager, because it is an easy, simple and profitable way of earning.

What are the advantages of investing in intraday trading?

A day trader can take the advantage of both growing and falling market. This advantage cannot be extended to long-term investors who hold their shares for a longer period to make more profit. Day traders can make profit by making small sales in falling stocks. On another hand, positional traders can only do small sales in futures, for which the higher margin is expected.

What are the disadvantages of investing in intraday trading?

Risk of losing your money is high and this is the only disadvantages of trading in intraday. You also need to learn to handle the intraday fluctuations of the market. It is important to have some knowledge about trading before stepping into day trading.

The stock reacts on news based information. Thus, it is possible that you may not get even chance to book profit

Why I must invest in intraday trading?

A number of traders choose different types of trading according to their preference. There are lots of advantages and benefits of intraday trading over positional trading, which requires holding the stocks for a few days or weeks, while in the day trading does not need to keep the stock for a long time. The buying and selling of stocks will happen on the same day. The greatest advantage or benefit of the intraday trading is that it eliminates the overnight risk for you. Here, you can close your position before the end of the trading day, due to which your profitability will not be affected by good or bad news and events occurring during non- trading hours. For positional traders, there are lots of chances of disappear from profit due to the risk of any bad overnight event. In intraday trading, any tragedy or disaster in local or global stock markets can not affect your income for that day.